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Phone: +1 239-800-4100

Address: 954 Northeast Pine Island Road, Cape Coral, FL 33909

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Posted at Apr, 04 2020

My wife and I are both food connoisseurs. We're both Latin and love exploring different tastes from different countries and nationalities. Having said that we have tried many different restaurants some good some not so good, some great, some excellent!

Unfortunately I have to say this one falls under the category of below not so good as far as food quality goes.
The hostess provided excellent customer service she was attentive to our needs and frequently visited the table to make sure that we were okay.
This restaurant claims to be Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian based, however there were only two items on the menu for Colombian food one was the traditional bandeja Paisa and the other was empanadas (not an entree), not much of a menu for Colombian food.
I went ahead and ordered the Bandeja Paisa, witch I've had at other places and had been very good. Unfortunately this one has to be the worst I've ever had, the sausage/chorizo associated with this dish was so dry that it felt like a dust ball when I bit into it, the meat that accompanies this plate was so thin and such a small portion that it looked like a kid's meal, not to mention flavorless.
We complained about the sausage link and the waitress brought back a different one much more undercooked but still did not taste good.

My wife ordered from the Cuban side of the menu. She ordered the fried pork chunks with black rice and beans. She also ordered a side of fried yuca.
The yuca and the rice were very good however the pork chunks were overcooked, very dry and bland, she only ate 2 pieces and the rest went to waste. I had to try one piece despite its appearance , and she was right , if I had to compare it to something I would say it was right there with beef jerky probably dryer.

The person sitting diagonally behind my wife ordered a dish that also accompanied the fried pork chunks , for a minute I thought well maybe it was just our plate that was overcooked but when I looked at the gentlemen's entree his pork chunks looked exactly the same as my wife's. I didn't stick around long enough to see the expression on his face as he took a bite of his pork chunks but I wouldn't be surprised if he felt the same way.

The total price for both entrees, the side yuca and a cup of coffee with several cups of water totaled out to about $27. Price was reasonable and comparable to most restaurants in this area however the quality lacked tremendously. Needless to say we're scratching this restaurant off our list and will be our first and last visit there.
visited on 10/16/2016

★ ★ ★ ★
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